open your eyes (single)

Working with the talents of Luke "Yungtown" Sizemore and Austin Hargrave, the three come together to create a powerful piece in tribute to the epic video game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Release date: February 25, 2017


Produced by Garrett Williamson

Written by Garrett Williamson, Austin Hargrave, & Luke Sizemore

Recorded by Garrett Williamson at Gar-Art Studios*†º§
Mixed by Garrett Williamson at Gar-Art Studios
Mastered by Garrett Williamson at Gar-Art Studios

Bass by Chase Weimer
Guitars by Addison Bean

String arrangement by Joshua Taipale
Violin/viola & cello by Michaela Nachtigall & Michael Evans

All other instruments by Garrett Williamson

Vocals by Austin Hargrave, Luke Sizemore, & Garrett Williamson

Princess Zelda voice by Tracie Owens

Album artwork by Chloe Graham
Album artwork touchup by SK (Nicholas Yee) Jynx

Special thanks to: Dion Anderson, Sam O’Heron, Tracie Owens, Scott Williamson

*Violin/viola recorded at Michaela Nachtigall

†Cello recorded at Michael Evans

ºVocals recorded at Luke Sizemore

§Vocals recorded at Austin Hargrave