the beat demon

Garrett Williamson returns with his second album, bringing a more powerful and electronic sound compared to his debut album's--Edge of the Universe--more acoustic settings.

Release date: July 19, 2014

01. Prelude
02. The Beat Demon
03. Terminate
04. Jealousy
05. Free (feat. Emma Rose Williamson) 
06. Beat Driven
07. Backstage
08. Daddy’s Little Girl
09. In Your Dreams
10. How You Make Me Feel
11. The Nothing Song [Bonus Track]


Produced by Garrett Williamson
Recorded by Garrett Williamson at Gar-Art Studios*† 
Mixed by Garrett Williamson at Gar-Art Studios
Mastered by Garrett Williamson at Gar-Art Studios

Newswoman voice on “Prelude” by Tracie Owens
Guitars on “The Beat Demon” by Bennett Roach
Saxophone on “Terminate” by Joe Zieja
All other instruments and lead vocals by Garrett Williamson
Featured vocals on “Free” by Emma Rose Williamson

Album photo by Janis Williamson
Visual effects by Josiah Clark
Titles by Josiah Clark

*Outro piano/synths on “How You Make Me Feel” and piano on “The Nothing Song” recorded at The Carpal Tunnel
†Saxophone on “Terminate” recorded at Joe Zieja